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Mastering Excel’s Sorting Tool

Trying organize an Excel spreadsheet filled with multiple columns of data? On this week’s episode of One Minute Wednesday, Joon Koh will be showing you how to use the Sorting tool, which gives you more control over data within your spreadsheet columns. There are multiple sorting options to work with, so tune in to learn more!

Using Filters in Microsoft Excel

Have you ever needed to sort data in a spreadsheet by a specific set of criteria, like all rows that contain a particular date? On today’s One Minute Wednesday, Susanna Jeong will explain how to use the filtering tool, which allows you to quickly and easily filter for specific sets of data in your spreadsheet.

Visualize Data with Microsoft Word Charts

Do you need a way to present data clearly and visually to your clients and team? Try using charts in Microsoft Word! On this week’s One Minute Wednesday, Matthew Sola will be showing you how to create a customizable chart that presents your data in a way that’s visual and informative.

Review: Outlook Mobile App Pt. 3

On this week’s One Minute Wednesday, Andy Shin will conclude our review of the Outlook mobile app by taking a look at some of its calendar features. The Outlook mobile calendar makes it easy to schedule events, respond to calendar invites, and manage your calendar straight from your phone.

Review: Outlook Mobile App Pt. 2

On last week’s One Minute Wednesday, we did an overview of the Outlook mobile app for Android and iOS. In today’s episode, Nathanael will go deeper into some of the great features and functionality in the app. The Outlook app allows you to maintain an organized inbox and integrate your contacts, calendar and email all into one!

Review: Outlook Mobile App

Stay connected while on the go with the Outlook mobile app! On this episode of One Minute Wednesday, Tylen Wells will be giving a quick overview of Outlook’s mobile app. Available for both Android and Apple iOS devices, this app packs your email, calendar, files, and contacts all into one convenient app.

Review: Outlook Mobile App

Managing Junk Email in Office 365

The Microsoft Office 365 Junk Email folder is a powerful tool to keep spam out of your inbox. However, it’s not perfect, and important emails from people you trust can occasionally get caught in the spam filter. On this episode of One-Minute Wednesday, Greg Deleon will show you how to whitelist trusted senders, so that future messages from those senders will avoid the Junk Email folder.

Security Issues: Protecting Your Mobile Device

Our mobile devices are a part of today’s everyday life. We perform a multitude of daily tasks on them that reach far beyond just making phone calls. But mobile technology, such as smartphones, can be just as vulnerable as any computer to cyber attacks. So in this week’s One Minute Wednesday, Joon Koh will give you some advice on how to keep both you and your data secure when doing different functions on your device.

Dominate Your Inbox: Outlook Categories

Keep your email organized and stay ahead of important emails with this simple tool! On this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, John McCormack will be talking about how you can use Categories to highlight VIP emails and keep track of important notifications. When you’re buried under a flood of emails, this can really help critical messages stand out in your inbox.

Dominate Your Inbox: Creating a CC Folder

Take control of your inbox and reclaim your productivity with this quick tip! This week on One-Minute Wednesday, Matt Grimes will be showing you how to create a CC folder for emails where you’re not the direct recipient. This is a great way to manage emails where you don’t need to respond immediately, freeing you up to work through your day.