Cybersecurity Solutions  

Security systems are a critical part of a robust and stable business environment. Our cybersecurity solutions offer a persistent threat monitoring, user education, regulatory compliance, and data recovery.

How Does IT Security Impact Your Business?

Today's cybercriminals are pivoting away from traditional attacks and are instead exploiting the one weakness found in every organization: human psychology. According to the Ponemon Institute, more than 80% of breaches are now caused by unsuspecting employees. Using a variety of new methods, attackers trick people into giving up access to sensitive information or assisting criminals in bypassing firewalls and other security measures.

TechMD provides world-class cybersecurity solutions that address today's cybersecurity threats. We'll handle user training, so your employees know how to spot cyberattacks and how to avoid them, and deploy top-tier business continuity solutions, so your business stays running even if you suffer a breach. With TechMD, you can rest easy knowing your data security is in good hands.

We Do Security Right

Risk Assessment

Take the first step toward a secure network with a comprehensive risk assessment. Discover your organization’s security vulnerabilities and develop a layered strategy to fix them.

Threat Monitoring

Take advantage of cloud-based analytics that will scan and evaluate your systems around the clock. Stay informed as security professionals review data and respond to threats daily.

Backup Solutions

Secure your systems against data loss with automated local backups and cloud-based remote servers. Redundant backups protect your business from data loss and encryption cyberattacks like ransomware.

Business Continuity

Keep your business up and running, no matter what happens. Local data protection and remote servers keep your systems operating through any incident, from server failure to natural disasters.

User Education

Keep your company educated about the latest security threats and equip your people to avoid them. With 95% of security breaches caused by human error, educated users are the first line of defense.

Security Policies

Respond quickly and effectively to threats with standard security procedures. Proactively prevent breaches by developing clear policies on acceptable use, mobile devices, and passwords.

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