Cybersecurity threats like spear phishing and ransomware can no longer be ignored: if trends continue, more than half of U.S. businesses will suffer some sort of cybersecurity breach in 2017. Financial losses from being forced to pay ransoms are just the start: the effects of extended business downtime and a damaged reputation can last for years. Undertrained employees are now the greatest security vulnerability for many organizations, and this will only get worse over time.

Is your organization prepared for these new threats? As business owners and executives, it’s critical to have a strategy in place for training employees, securing systems, and protecting the company from catastrophic financial losses and business downtime.

What will we be covering?

Who is this for?
CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, and Business Executives. This is an executive briefing, not a technical seminar, and we will be focused on high-level strategies for protecting your business.

Who is this not for?
IT Directors, Systems Engineers, or other technical positions. We won’t be covering specific network technologies or using advanced technical jargon.