We’ve Moved Into Our New Building

After a year of renovation, we are excited to announce that we have moved into our new office building! Purchased in August of 2015, our new home-away-from-home is finished and occupied.

The New TechMD Building

President and Co-Founder Sebastian Igreti was the visionary behind the new space, working around the clock with the architectural firm and general contractor to create a truly impressive building. Concrete floors and natural wood elements give the space a contemporary and comfortable environment. Our teams have been organized into pods that effectively facilitate collaboration and team building. And the full kitchen and spacious lounge provides us with ample space to relax, have lunch, and play games together, all while being the perfect place to host and entertain our clients.

The TechMD Lounge and Kitchen

The TechMD lobby

The new building also features several outdoor patios, a fully-functioning gym, widescreen game systems, a foosball table, and a ping pong table (where our first tournament is already underway!). Our new home was purchased and built with our rapid growth in mind: transitioning from multiple separate suites in a shared building to a modern and spacious building of our own will give us the room to expand and continue to perfect our service offering.

We are all thrilled to have finally settled into a new space that fits our needs and allows us to better serve our clients!


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