How To Reset your Password in Windows 10

Passwords are crucial for interacting with the majority of our technology today. On today’s One-Minute Wednesday, we’ll be guiding you through the steps to change your password for logging into your Windows 10 machine.

How to Protect your Eyes from Blue Light

Did you know that constant exposure to the bright blue-spectrum light from your phone and computer screens can stunt your productivity and have negative effects on your eyes? On today’s One-Minute Wednesday, we’re reviewing an easy-to-use app called F.lux (Flux) that mitigates those harmful effects on your eyes.

Use Speech-to-Text in Microsoft Office

Do you ever wish you could use your voice to create written content on your computer? On today’s One-Minute Wednesday, Ross Heuer will give you an overview of Dictate, a Microsoft Garage add-in that allows you to dicate messages in Microsoft Office rather than typing them out with your keyboard.

Build Custom Tabs in Microsoft Word

Looking for a more efficient workflow when working in Microsoft Word? On today’s episode of One-Minute Wednesday, Drew Lawson will show you how to create customized tabs in Word that keep your favorite tools and commands all in one place, saving you time as you work.

Dominate Your Inbox: Outlook Categories

Keep your email organized and stay ahead of important emails with this simple tool! On this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, John McCormack will be talking about how you can use Categories to highlight VIP emails and keep track of important notifications. When you’re buried under a flood of emails, this can really help critical messages stand out in your inbox.

Dominate Your Inbox: Creating a CC Folder

Take control of your inbox and reclaim your productivity with this quick tip! This week on One-Minute Wednesday, Matt Grimes will be showing you how to create a CC folder for emails where you’re not the direct recipient. This is a great way to manage emails where you don’t need to respond immediately, freeing you up to work through your day.

Access Quick Notes From Any Device

Now that you know how to create Quick Notes in Microsoft OneNote, find out how to access them from any device! On this episode of One-Minute Wednesday, Isaac McIntosh will show you how to access saved Quick Notes by logging into the Office 365 portal through a browser, so you can look through your notes without having to be at your desktop.

Creating Microsoft Quick Notes

Microsoft OneNote has a great feature that allows you to create a digital sticky-note called a Quick-Note. Tylen Wells will show you how to create these Quick-Notes to keep a to-do list, jot reminders for yourself, and pin them on your desktop stay productive and informed throughout the day!

Organizing Your Bookmarks

As you collect bookmarks for the sites you visit, you’ll need a method for organizing and storing those pages to avoid clutter. Well, on today’s One-Minute Wednesday, Michael Yu will show you how to make bookmark folders in Google Chrome for a clean browser and easy access to your favorite sites.

Managing Bookmarks in Chrome

Are you repeatedly using the same web pages for your work? Then it’s time to be efficient and get instant access to them whenever you need! Well in today’s One-Minute Wednesday, Andy Shin will teach you how to store those frequently visited files by creating bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Setting Up An Email Delay

Have you ever sent an email you immediately regretted? On this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, Mark Perez will show you how to prevent this by setting up a rule that delays sending your email by five minutes. Any sent email will wait in your Outbox, giving you some time to think and proofread before the email goes out.

Creating an Excel Chart

Visualize your data with Excel charts! On this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, Greg Deleon will be showing you how to quickly turn a range of cells into a chart. This is a great way to understand and communicate your data when working with Excel.

Scheduling Email in Outlook

Have you ever wanted to delay sending an email until a specific time or date in the future? On this week’s One Minute Wednesday, John McCormack will be showing you how to schedule your emails to go out later in Microsoft Outlook. Tune in to learn more!

Accessing OneDrive From Your Desktop

Quickly access OneDrive without leaving your desktop apps! On this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, Tylen Wells will be showing you how to sign in to your Office 365 account from the desktop version of your Microsoft apps. This allows you to connect to OneDrive and save, access, and share files while working inside the desktop versions of Outlook, Word, or Excel.

Collaborating in OneDrive

One of the major advantages to OneDrive is how it facilitates real-time collaboration on documents hosted in the cloud. On this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, Isaac McIntosh will show you how to share documents, customize your sharing settings, and work on files with others in real time.

Getting Started with OneDrive

Have you ever needed to edit a document on the go but didn’t have access to the file on your work computer? With Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive allows you to store Office documents in the cloud and use Office apps on any device with an internet connection. On this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, John McCormack will go over some of the basics in OneDrive, like creating and uploading documents that can be edited from anywhere.