Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool with a variety of features that makes communicating with others easy and efficient. It’s packed with resources to help you chat with co-workers, send the important messages and conduct meetings all in one place. So let’s jump in and take a look.

Getting Started in Teams

First, we’ll look at the different options we have on the left panel. There, you’ll find the Activity tab which gives you a feed of all the conversations happening that you’re a part of.

01 Activity Tab

The Chat tab lists all the individual chats you have going on with your contacts.

02 Chat Tab

These personal conversations can also include multiple people if you create a group meeting with the Add People button in the top-right.

03 Group Meeting

The next section we have is Teams, where chats are separated by different channels. This allows departments to have their own internal conversations with each other. You can also establish a company-wide conversation where everyone in your organization is included.

04 Teams and Channels

Inside A Chat

When you actually have a chat, you’re given a variety of options for creating messages such as adding attachments, GIFs, emojis and links.

05 Chatting Options

You can also see people face-to-face by conducting a video conference with the video call button. This way, geography and time zones won’t get in the way of your communication.

06 Video Calls

07 Video Chats 02