Convert Printed Documents into Word Files

Ever had a printed document that you wished you could edit on your computer? On this this week’s episode of One-Minute Wednesday, Nathanael Emenaker will show you how to take a photo of a printed document and then convert it into a Microsoft Word file using the Office Lens app. Check it out!

How to Convert Printed Documents into Editable Word Files

Last week we saw some of the basic functionality of the useful app Office Lens. Imagine that you have a printed document or report but you don’t have the actual digital file. Today we’ll delve into how Office Lens can convert that piece of paper into a digital copy that you can then edit in Microsoft Word. Let’s jump in!

As an example, let’s say you have the sheet of paper below. Maybe you want to make revisions or share the document via email, but you don’t have the original digital file. Well, Office Lens can quickly solve this problem. Simply open the app and you’ll see a white border wrap around the paper. When it aligns correctly, hit the “Camera Icon” at the bottom to capture the picture. You can then crop the image to your liking as well by hitting the “Crop Icon” here at the top of the page.

Once you’re happy with the image, you can hit “Save” and Office Lens will prompt you to name and save it in your respective Microsoft Office programs. Let’s choose OneDrive and Microsoft Word.

Finally, we can open Microsoft Word and navigate to Open. Find the Office Lens folder and open the file we just saved. Once it opens we can see the image we took is now a Word document that we can edit freely.


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