AdBlock Plus

For this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, Kris Chesney will be showing you a great little browser plugin called AdBlock Plus, which will automatically block ads when you browse the internet. This is a great way to improve your user experience and keep yourself safe from any malware originating in a pop-up ad.

Block Ads While You Browse The Internet

Most of us dislike looking at websites cluttered with display ads. If that’s you, there’s a solution: installing an ad blocking tool like AdBlock Plus. This browser plugin will automatically block ads as you browse the internet, which is an amazing way to improve your browsing experience and protect yourself from certain forms of malware.

As an example, here we have the Sports page as it looks to most visitors. As you can see, there’s this large banner ad taking up most of the screen and forcing us to scroll down to see the news articles. AdBlock Plus is installed in this browser, so we’ll click on the ADP icon and enable ad blocking for this site, and then refresh the page.

The Sports page with ads

Now you can see that all of the ads have disappeared, leaving us with a nice clean interface:

The Sports page without ads

If you want to further customize your browsing experience, AdBlock Plus allows you to modify your blocking settings by adding your own filters, whitelisting domains, and so on. This is a helpful piece of functionality for those occasional times when you want to see ads, or if you don’t mind seeing some ads but want to remove the more egregiously intrusive ones.

The AdBlock Plus filter options window

AdBlock Plus is available for all major internet browsers, and it can be downloaded for free here.


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