In this episode, we’re looking at an app called F.lux (Flux). It’s a great app for protecting your eyes when working on your computer through the day and also when you need to work in environments where the only illumination is coming from your screen.

Installing Flux

Extended computer usage can contribute to problems like eye strain and headaches as you stare at your screen. This leaves you at a disadvantage when you rely on a desktop PC or laptop to productive. Thankfully, Flux works by adding a warm-colored filter to your screen that helps to block out some of your screen’s natural blue light, which with prolonged use can cause bad eye strain, headaches, and contribute to poor sleep. Download it by going to and follow the installation steps.

01 Download Flux

Activating Flux

Once installed, there are a couple of steps to take to optimize Flux for your experience. First, tell the app your earliest wake up time. Then, set your location (ZIP code).

02 Wake Time Parameter

03 Locaion Parameter

With these parameters set, the app’s filter will activate on your screen, displaying an orange hue by default.

04 Filter Activated

This filter can also be customized to fit your personal preferences, letting you change the color temperature to fit whatever conditions you’re currently in.

05 Customized Filter

06 Custom Temperature

Finally, Flux lets you disable the filter for times when you want to see your screen’s normal look and brightness. Just navigate to the menu and hit Disable. The default shot-off period lasts for 1 hour.

07 Disable Flux

And there you have it! Flux is a convenient and simple to use tool for making your days in front of the screen easier to bear. Thanks for watching and come back next time for another One-Minute Wednesday!

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