On last week’s One-Minute Wednesday, we reviewed some formatting capabilities within Microsoft OneNote. Today, we’ll go a step further and go over some features to help you keep your Notebooks organized and customized to your liking. Let’s check it out!

Changing Page Background

So first, we’ll look at customizing your background. Doing so will help you section of your pages into separate categories. First, navigate to the “View” tab in the Ribbon bar then click the “Page Color Menu”.

Change Page Color

Now our pages will have a bit of style while also letting us categorize notebooks with several different tabs.

New Color

We also have the option of adding rule lines to pages to simulate an actual paper notebook if we wish. Under the “View” tab, click on “Rule Lines” to select the option you’d like to use.

Adding Page Lines

Once you select an option, you’ll see your notebook update its style:

New Page Lines

Color Coding Section Tabs

We can take this designing further by color-coding our tabs as well. Simply right-click a section tab and find the “Section Color” menu.

Change Section Tab Color

Upon choosing a color, your tab color will change instantly, distinguishing it from the rest of your notes.

New Section Tab Color

Docking OneNote Windows

Finally, let’s look at a feature called “Docking”. Docking gives us a dual view where we can keep OneNote open while working in another program on the same screen. To dock OneNote go to the View Tab and click “New Docked Window”, or use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL+Alt+D”.

Docking Steps

Now, you’ll be able to collect notes and information into your notebook, while doing other tasks, such as communicating or researching.

Docked Window

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