Have you ever had trouble keeping up with your tasks, projects and assignments? In this week’s episode, we’ll be showing you some quick and easy steps for creating a reminder in OneNote that will notify you of your upcoming tasks via Outlook. Tune in to this week’s One Minute Wednesday to learn more!

Creating Outlook Task Reminders in OneNote

Having reminders for your work schedule will help keep you on top of upcoming projects and assignments day by day. Microsoft OneNote gives us a very easy process for doing so. The first step is to open or create a OneNote file that contains a set of upcoming tasks.

List of tasks in OneNote

Now, highlight all the tasks that you’d like to schedule. A small menu will appear; click this flag symbol here to the right and a drop-down menu shows up. In the menu is a list of dates that you can select to remind you when your upcoming project or assignment is due. Choose a date.

Flag OneNote Tasks

So now, we can open Outlook and then navigate to the tasks tab below. Here, we will find all the reminders that we set dates to in OneNote.

Outlook Reminder

If we double click the notes, a new window appears with all the details of that particular reminder. Clicking the link in this new window will open the task again in OneNote.

Outlook Task Window

Now with the tasks reopened in OneNote, we can mark them as complete or delete them. To mark them as complete, simply click the flag next to the title and it will become a checkmark.

Complete Task in OneNote

To delete it completely, right click on the tag and select delete. Once marked as complete or deleted, the task will then disappear from Outlook as well.

Delete OneNote Task

So you’ve just learned an efficient way to keep up with upcoming projects and work in Outlook and OneNote. Join us next week for the newest One Minute Wednesday!

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