In today’s One-Minute Wednesday, we’re continuing our tour of Microsoft Flow. The template we’re viewing links your mobile devices photos to store them into OneDrive from wherever you are. Let’s take a look.

Connecting OneDrive and Mobile

This particular Flow creates a customizable folder for you in OneDrive where you can upload and share photo content straight from your device. To get started, make sure you download the Microsoft Flow app from either the App Store or Google Play.

01 App Stores 01

01 App Stores 02

Then, with Flow open, input the word “Photo” in the search bar. Then, choose the “Upload Photos to OneDrive” Flow.

02 Photo Searching

The Flow will connect to your Office account. Hit “Continue”.

03 Flow Sync

Now on the new page, you can customize the OneDrive folder from the Create File box. We’ll input the city and date so that we know exactly when and where the photos were taken. Once done, hit Save.

04 Customizing the Folder

Open the Microsoft Flow app on your mobile device. Hit the “Buttons” tab at the bottom to find the mobile Flows you’ve connected with.

05 Microsoft Flow Mobile

Tap the button and then select the photos you want to add to OneDrive.

06 Selecting Photos

Once the images are uploaded, you can head directly to OneDrive on your desktop. The folder housing the photos will be indicated by the city and location parameters we set up earlier.

07 OneDrive Folder

Open it, and you’ll see the synced photo housed there and available for you to edit and share.

08 Uploaded Photo 01

08 Uploaded Photo 02