Managed Detection and Response

Businesses of all sizes are constantly targeted by online criminals, and their employees are the top target for phishing attacks. Secure and monitor applications across the board with a complete managed detection and response program.

Managed Detection & Response for the Digital Age

Effective cybersecurity is more than just running tools. It takes a proactive approach with hands-on management. TechMD’s managed detection and response (MDR) solution offers the technology needed to guide your business long-term and continually improve your security posture.

The threat landscape is changing – meaning our standards must evolve as well in order to better serve our clients. Targeted attacks, ransomware and advanced social engineering are raising the bar every day, and having a strong defense-in-depth strategy is the answer. Contact us today to see how we can help you protect what matters most.

managed detection and response
what is managed detection and response

M365 Security Monitoring and Vulnerability Scanning

Microsoft 365 is constantly targeted by cybercriminals, and its users are the top target for phishing and malware attacks. As such, securing and monitoring applications and services such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange should be a top priority. TechMD’s MDR service is an advanced security solution that provides comprehensive threat detection, analysis, and response across networks, cloud environments, endpoints and more.

By integrating various security layers, MDR enhances visibility and control, enabling organizations to proactively identify and neutralize sophisticated cyber threats in this ever-changing digital world.

Take the next steps in threat management today.

Features of TechMD's MDR Solutions

Network, Endpoint & Managed Detection and Response

Malicious Admin Changes
Tracks admin activity and changes to the O365 tenant.

Unauthorized Delegate Access
Tracks when emails delegates are added.

Failed or Unauthorized Access
Detects failed or suspicious login attempt.

MFA Removed
Detects changes to MFA.

Foreign Login
Monitors geolocation access with IP location sourcing & login from suspicious or unusual countries.

Impossible Login
Detects logins from different geolocations within a short period of time.

Suspicious Email Forward
Alerts when email forwarding rules have been created outside of the domain.

It's time to start protecting what matters with a managed detection and response program.

We’re ready to help you with your security needs today. Let’s get started with a free consultation and raise your security to the next level.
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