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One-Minute Wednesday

Sync OneNote Tasks with Outlook

Have you ever had trouble keeping up with your tasks, projects and assignments? In this week’s episode, Greg Deleon will be showing you some quick and easy steps for creating a reminder in OneNote that will notify you of your upcoming tasks via Outlook. Tune in to this week’s One Minute Wednesday to learn more!

Security Issues: Spear Phishing & The Target Data Breach

Learn how to avoid spear phishing attacks, keeping yourself and your company safe from security breaches. On this episode of One-Minute Wednesday, Drew Lawson will explain how the Target security breach occurred, so you can prevent something similar from happening to you.

Customize Your Outlook Search Folders

Last week on One-Minute Wednesday, we discussed using search folders to pull up emails that fit a predefined search criteria. This week, Jackson Roberts will be showing you how to customize those Outlook search folders, allowing you to organize your inbox with highly-targeted search terms. The possibilities here are endless, so if you’re looking to take control of your inbox, don’t miss this episode!

Outlook Search Folders

This week on One-Minute Wednesday, Isaac McIntosh will be showing you how to create a few examples of Outlook search folders. These folders allow you to instantly pull up any emails in your inbox that fit your search parameters, like unread emails, emails marked as important, or emails from a specific person.

Creating an Excel Chart

Visualize your data with Excel charts! On this week’s One-Minute Wednesday, Greg Deleon will be showing you how to quickly turn a range of cells into a chart. This is a great way to understand and communicate your data when working with Excel.

Security Issues: Smishing

Protect yourself from the latest trend in cybercrime! In this week’s episode, Aspen Lindblom will be talking about “smishing”, a type of phishing attack that targets cell phone users via text messages. Cybercriminals will spoof a phone number and send text messages that appear to be coming from a legitimate source, all in order to steal sensitive information. Today we’ll show you how to identify and protect yourself from this new threat.

Scheduling Email in Outlook

Have you ever wanted to delay sending an email until a specific time or date in the future? On this week’s One Minute Wednesday, John McCormack will be showing you how to schedule your emails to go out later in Microsoft Outlook. Tune in to learn more!

View Options in Microsoft Word

Learn how to customize your view when working in Microsoft Word! On this week’s One Minute Wednesday, Paul Swanson will talk about some of the view options available to you when working in a document. These view options allow you to optimize your workspace and tailor your document display for your needs.

Excel Functions: LEFT, RIGHT, & MID

Learn how to quickly extract important characters from cells in Excel! In this episode, Gipson Lyles will be teaching you some tips on how to use the LEFT, RIGHT, & MID functions in Microsoft Excel. These functions allow you to pull specific portions of data from particular cells and move them into another cell or range.

Excel Functions: SUMIF & COUNTIF

Discover a great shortcut in Microsoft Excel that will boost your productivity and save you time! This week, Aspen Lindblom will be talking about the SUMIF and COUNTIF functions, which add or count cells that match a specified criteria. This will help you make calculations and pull information without having to manually search through your spreadsheet.