Contain Malware at the Source

In today’s business world, people connect to the internet from many locations and devices—gone are the days when people needed an office workstation to be productive. With today’s improved connectivity comes increasingly sophisticated malware attacks, and anti-virus services that detect and remove malware from individual computers are no longer enough. With the newest cybersecurity threats facing businesses today, identifying and blocking threats long before they reach your network is a top priority.

With safeIT filtering, block malware long before your employees have a chance to make a risky click and unknowingly download a malicious file or program to your network. And these protections follow your users, whether they’re in the office or working remotely from a laptop or a cell phone.

Solution at a Glance

Advanced Threat Detection: Don’t wait until malware infects your computers—safeIT filtering detects suspicious sites and blocks infections at the source, protecting your business from data breaches and financial fraud.

Protect Data On Any Network: Restrict access to sites that contain malicious content on all company devices, no matter where they are or what network they’re using.

Security Without Sacrifices: safeIT filtering doesn’t introduce any slow or cumbersome software to your company devices, so you can have peace of mind without sacrificing speed and performance.

Visibility Over Internal and External Threats: Take advantage of our robust reporting tools for a complete picture of real-time network usage, allowing you to have conversations with employees about risk management, compliance, policies, and more.

Free Consultation

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