Introducing Email From Office 365

In today’s fast-paced, digital business environment, your company needs a reliable, cloud-based email solution in order to run smoothly and compete in your market. Our smartIT email solution, partnered with Office 365, modernizes your workplace and provides your your team with the resources they need to work on-the-go, on any device. Cloud-based email solutions are consistent, fast, and enhance collaboration: everything your business needs to move forward.

With your email hosted by Microsoft and managed by our team of experts who care about ‘doing IT right’, you can have peace of mind knowing your services are accessible around the clock, from the other side of your office or across Southern California. Let’s modernize your office so you can bring your email with you, wherever and whenever you need it.

Solution at a Glance

Email That Grows With Your Business: With smartIT email and Office 365, pay only for what you need. When your organization grows or downsizes, you can modify your plan to fit your new usage patterns.

Work From Anywhere, On Any Device: Stay productive no matter where you are, whether at your desk, on your phone, or with your laptop in the local coffee shop. With email in the cloud, you’re more flexible than ever before.

No Server Hardware or Maintenance: Cloud-based email means you save money on installation and maintenance costs associated with local servers. Or flexibly integrate with on-premises solutions if that fits your business needs.

Headache-Free Migration: Migrating to Office 365 has never been easier! It’s backed by comprehensive security measures and means you’ll never need to migrate your data again.

Free Consultation

Take advantage of a no-cost, no obligation consultation with a TechMD cloud migration expert. We will provide you with a detailed needs and cost analysis along with our expert recommendations. Don’t wait to get started!

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