Chase ensures that our managed services team is delivering “best in class” support.

Meet Our Team

David Bryden

David is committed to keeping TechMD on track so we can unleash the awesome potential in others.

Jason Gimeno

Jason’s passion for new technology solutions helps keep TechMD on the cutting-edge.

Jon Epperson

Jon is passionate about connecting with businesses that are looking to better leverage their technology.

Nathanael Emenaker

Nate loves keeping our clients’ IT systems up-to-date and helping protect them from cybercriminals.

Doug Foster

Doug is the solid backbone and technological muscle for leading organizations towards success.

Kevin Hughes

Kevin loves helping local businesses find the best solutions to hard IT problems.

Julie Monical

Julie’s welcoming demeanor and passion for others helps define our award-winning company culture.

Jay Monroe

Jay’s charisma, genuine spirit, and cool demeanor are what make him our client relations hero.

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