As co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of TechMD, Mark Perez loves a good challenge: he is passionate about finding creative ways to diagnose and resolve complex business problems. As a result, he works in a variety of disciplines and is responsible for managed services, business intelligence, and special projects at TechMD.

Mark fell in love with technology at age nine when he received a Commodore 128 for Christmas; he has been tinkering ever since. He briefly worked as a Java Programmer early in his career, until realizing that he could better harness his passion for technology by starting his own company. He teamed up with Sebastian, his best friend from high school, and together they co-founded TechMD.

Mark has been married for more than ten years now and has two beautiful daughters who thankfully look more like their mother. He loves to tinker at home as well as in business, and he is constantly working to make things just a bit better every day.

Mark studied Psychology and holds a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of California Berkeley.

Why do you love working at TechMD?
“Every day brings new challenges and I love finding new ways to meet them. We also have fantastic people on our team, and the collaborative process of resolving these challenges is typically fun and exciting.”

Name the best place to eat in Orange County.
“Home. My wife is an amazing cook!”

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
“Flight. I hate wasting time in traffic.”