We believe making a difference in our community is just as important as making a difference for our customers. Through our TechMD Cares program we encourage our employees to seek out opportunities in their communities to give back.

Help us make a difference!

Why do we care?

Our mission at TechMD is to Make a Difference in our employees’ lives, our customer’s business, and in the community. The TechMD Cares program is a way that we try to give back to the communities that we care so much about.

How do we do it?

We have built a program that helps to enable TechMD employees to find the time to give back to their communities. Also, we work with local charities and organizations to find opportunities to serve.

Pink shirt Friday

We started wearing Pink Shirts on Fridays to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. Now we wear our TechMD Cares shirts whenever we are able to volunteer in our community!

Are you looking for volunteers? Want to know more about TechMD Cares? Let us know!

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