IT services designed for your business and industry.

TechMD has clients across many industries.

With over 30 years experience in IT, we’ve got expertise in your industry. We offer IT solutions that are created to help your business succeed. We provide best-in-class solutions and support that can be tailored to work for you.​

TechMD Manufacturing


Manufacturing firms need every piece of their technology to work efficiently at all times, not only to keep up with demand but also to remain competitive. TechMD's IT solutions for manufacturers ensure this by optimizing your IT infrastructure according to industry best practices, giving you the best chance to succeed in your lean manufacturing and continuous improvement goals.

TechMD managed IT services for schools


Educational institutions face several significant IT challenges, many of which are unique to the education sector. At TechMD, our goal is to support your honorable mission as educators by providing best-in-class technology services that work efficiently and securely.

TechMD Managed IT for Healthcare Providers


Healthcare providers need quality IT support to safely and efficiently oversee the mountains of paperwork, electronic health records, and patient data you store. TechMD has more than three decades of practical experience working in the healthcare industry to support your every technology need.

TechMD IT services for local government

State & Local Government

State and local governments face a unique and complex set of IT issues. To balance tight budgets and limited resources with the growing demand for digital services and increasing risk of cyberattacks against critical infrastructure, today’s public sector agencies need an affordable, reliable way to build a secure, flexible, and resilient IT infrastructure.

TechMD managed IT services for automotive dealerships


Just as you’ve worked hard to become a trusted automotive services provider for your customers, we’ve worked for over 30 years to earn our reputation as a top managed IT provider for auto dealerships. We understand the technology challenges dealerships face and how technology solutions and services can transform your businesses and help you meet FTC Safeguards and Compliance to protect mission-critical data.

TechMD managed IT services for law firms

Law & Legal Services

As an expert in legal technology solutions, TechMD knows that cookie-cutter and break/fix solutions aren’t the answer for law firms. We understand that you’re not just working cases or going to court—you’re inundated with other day-to-day tasks such as managing schedules, updating documentation, and handling client information.

TechMD Managed IT for Construction


Construction teams need IT tools that keep track of devices across multiple job sites and offices, as well as solutions that are accessible from anywhere. TechMD provides interconnected solutions that include tools for scheduling, equipment management, timesheet entry, billing, and team communication.

TechMD Managed IT for financial services companies


We work round the clock to ensure your technology supports your financial services operations, while keeping your sensitive data safe and adhering to complex industry compliance standards. At TechMD, our experts have decades of experience helping financial services firms like yours achieve your business goals through expert technology management.

TechMD Managed IT for non-profit organizations


Nonprofits don’t have time or money to waste on inefficient IT. Technology interruptions that impact your ability to further your cause need to be eliminated quickly in a cost-efficient way. TechMD understands the unique challenges you face as a non-profit and is dedicated to providing scalable solutions that fit within your budget.

TechMD Managed IT for critical infrastructure organizations

Critical Infrastructure

Whether you’re in emergency services or the energy sector, we’re here to help a wide range of critical infrastructure sectors achieve their technology goals through top-rated solutions that fit your unique needs. At TechMD, we make it our number one priority to keep your systems running round the clock.

Your business is our priority.

We enable your organization to gain a competitive advantage by focusing on your core business goals and delivering dependable managed IT services, optimized to meet your needs.

Real client reviews.

“TechMD’s team is not only knowledgeable but also proactive in suggesting continuous improvements to our IT systems. They have been instrumental in helping us achieve and maintain a high level of operational efficiency…Since partnering with TechMD, we have noticed a significant improvement in our IT operations, which has allowed us to focus on our core business objectives.”

– Ruben at a leading California manufacturer 

Working with us to deliver greater innovation for you.

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