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Transform efficiency and mobility with custom cloud solutions.

TechMD is proud to offer clients a wide range of optimized, secure cloud solutions. Through our close partnerships with leading technology partners Microsoft, AWS and Google, we can create a cloud environment fully tailored to the way your teams work, and the applications they need to thrive.
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Increased Productivity

With customized solutions such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, it’s easy to empower your team to easily work from anywhere, on any secured device. In no time, employees can access and update documents. Work together on important documents in real time. Maintain accurate version histories. Even join group video calls and real-time chats to keep collaboration flowing.

Advanced Security

With cybersecurity more critical than ever, solutions such as Microsoft Azure offer a cloud infrastructure that is highly resilient against hacking, as well as hardware failures and physical disasters. Compliance is fully covered as well, including HIPPA, ITAR and more. Combined with key features that include email encryption and single sign-on, you can rest assured that your sensitive company data is always protected.
cloud solutions
Cloud services

Effortless Scalability

Every TechMD cloud solution makes it easy to scale your company’s network resources without the need to rebuild or update your technology infrastructure. If your business is seasonal, take advantage of the ability to pause resources not required during slow months, and reactivate them for busier months. You can even opt to only pay for what you need, when you need it, via platforms such as Microsoft Azure’s premium cloud environment.

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Additional TechMD advantages.

Free your team to work anywhere, from any secured device. Everyone can access important company applications and work at peak efficiency.
Leverage a cloud infrastructure to create a highly-resilient technology environment. Scale network resources as your organization grows, without having to constantly refresh your network infrastructure.
Take full advantage of our technology expertise as we discuss your cloud infrastructure requirements. We’re here to work with you to make sure your entire system is fully tailored as well as consistent, and your cloud applications work in harmony with each other.
Empower your team to work together at an entirely new level. Easily schedule online meetings and video calling, collaborate on documents in real time, effortlessly share files, and much more.
A cloud environment can eliminate the need to replace hardware as your requirements change or grow. As one example, when your data is in the cloud, you don’t need to buy new servers every few years.
Keep your systems secure and your business resilient with cloud-based remote servers. If local backups fail, you’ll still have access to your data in the cloud, so your business will stay up and running without missing a beat.

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