Managed IT services
future-ready for any

Outsourced IT as a natural extension of your company.

Our suite of managed services combines decades of proven IT experience with the customization and integration necessary for ongoing success. Everything we recommend, and every action we take, is based on a detailed understanding of how your company and teams work, and the resources best able to assist them. Which is why, on average, TechMD clients have 40% fewer technology issues compared to competitors.


Our ProactiveIQ approach allows us to anticipate and resolve emerging IT issues before they cause trouble. From failing computers and Internet connections to data breach exposure, ProactiveIQ lets us locate root causes in your tech stack, deploy automated tools to address them, and prevent them from affecting your company.

24/7 IT Support Desk

Say goodbye to 800 numbers and long hold times, in favor of having a full-service team of analysts and experts on immediate call. Whether it’s troubleshooting a sudden issue, deploying a new workstation, or simply addressing a new IT concern, we’re always ready to provide solutions and remove stress.

Virtual CIO

Every TechMD client receives their own CIO, able to work with you to develop a 3-5 year technology plan based on detailed insights specific to your industry, company and applicable IT trends. It’s an ideal way to ensure that your IT is future ready from the start, and every investment is capable of delivering an optimal long-term advantage.

Professional Services Team

Through a standardized process that leverages our deep bench of experienced IT consultants, TechMD can help you avoid the budgeting headaches, chaotic rollouts and endless scope creep that often comes with IT projects. Always with dedicated project management to make logistics seamless.

Put our Managed IT Services team to work for you.

Real client reviews.

“I was so impressed as we had a time sensitive issue needing a QuickBooks update (we are closing our fiscal year today) and I called and John answered and was able to help right then and do the update withing minutes. So helpful.”

– Todd

Additional TechMD advantages.

When the internet goes down or a computer goes haywire, it can ruin your entire day. Stay productive and stop worrying about losing a day’s work with TechMD’s instant IT support.
Identifying and resolving problems before they happen is always the ideal goal. Our proactive monitoring keeps you protected from IT disruptions and disasters 24/7.
We never play games with budget, hourly rates, or project scope. Our pricing is always upfront and fully detailed. Plus, we use a flat-rate billing model, so you’ll never be surprised by a bill.
We know that certain situations demand prompt on-site service. When you need us, we’ll always be there to ensure your technology issues fixed, deployed and running smoothly in the shortest possible time.
TechMD offers business intelligence dashboards that make it easy to see your real-time technology needs, and allow us to adjust budget and plans as necessary to keep your business running smoothly.
TechMD loves what we do, and supporting the clients who rely on us. No matter how urgent or unusual the situation, our team members are always poised, professional, and ready to provide immediate expert assistance.

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