Is reliable, cost-effective, secure technology on your school’s holiday wish list? Are you looking for simple actions you can take to protect your school network while everyone is home for vacation and throughout the new year?

School IT administrators have to juggle poor network infrastructure challenges, devices that fail way too often, and IT staff shortages. On top of that, the education sector ranks as the least cybersecure, with student’s data ranking among the most valuable to cybercriminals, meaning that cybersecurity is a constant concern.

Join TechMD’s upcoming webinar to learn more about the top tech challenges facing K-12 schools, as well as short-term and long-term solutions to address them. Our K-12 technology experts will discuss:

  • Top tech challenges facing K-12 schools
  • Simple steps to protect your school network
  • Recommendations for longer-term planning
  • The benefits of partnering with Managed Services Providers (MSPs)


TechMD understands the education sector’s unique issues and has extensive expertise helping districts maintain dependable, safe, and secure digital learning environments for staff, students, and communities without breaking the IT budget.

December 7

1:00 pm EDT


Michael Woodford
Director of SLED Markets

Mike Woodford, Director of State Government, Local Government, and Education (SLED) Markets for TechMD, is a seasoned IT leader with over 15 years of experience and expertise in the field. After dedicating 11 years to serving a Massachusetts town and its school system, culminating in his role as CTO, Mike made a bold decision to transform his career path. Mike’s focus is on assisting towns and schools in revolutionizing their IT offering through the utilization of managed services purpose built for their needs. With his extensive knowledge and passion for technological advancements, Mike is committed to driving positive change and optimizing IT operations for communities across the nation.

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