Introducing your new workspace

Supercharge your team’s mobility while eliminating the hassles and risks of doing IT the old way. Everything you need to stay productive is integrated into TechMD’s cloud workspace, allowing your team to work anywhere there’s an internet connection, using any secured device.

Flexibility: Free your team to move your business forward


Allow your employees to work from home, or spool up a branch office on the fly. Your unified workspace will provide access to everything your team needs, anywhere an internet connection is available.


Give your team the freedom to use their own devices and avoid the expense of buying hardware altogether.


We believe in earning your trust, not locking you in. Unlike Private Clouds, when your data resides in Microsoft Azure you always have the freedom to work with the IT partner of your choice.

Scalability: Get the technology you need today, every day.


Easily scale up whenever your organization grows, without having to rebuild or update your network infrastructure. Everything is in one place: all your files are stored in the cloud, available anywhere and on any device, whether you’re working with a smartphone, laptop, or desktop.


If your business is seasonal, take advantage of Azure’s ability to pause resources you don’t need during slow months and turn them on full bore during busy months. When your systems live in Azure, you only pay for what you need when you need it.


A penny saved is a penny earned. Reduce cost as you use less resources and avoid paying for technology that you don’t need.

Reliability: Worry less with industry-leading security and redundancy


You don’t feel safe stashing your hard-earned money in a closet, your critical data doesn’t belong there either. Leverage Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to create a technology environment that is highly-resilient against hardware failure and physical disaster.


Different organizations require different levels of security. Whether your organization needs to comply with HIPAA or ITAR, Microsoft Azure has the flexibility to make that happen securely.


Use your brainpower for something better than remembering 100 passwords. With TechMD’s single sign on solution you’ll be able to access your data, applications and line of business websites with one username and password.

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