Anatomy of a Breach: Part 1 – The First Few Hours

What are those first few hours following a cybersecurity breach really like? The cybersecurity experts at 1nteger take you inside the aftermath – from the initial shock to the critical decision-points. Explore the emotional journey, financial implications, and why waiting for “if” isn’t an option.

In this episode of TechPulse, 1nteger’s David D’Agostino, Jason Griffin, and Aaron Rice and TechMD’s Doug Foster and Brian Hanify offer a deeper understanding of the challenges faced during the crucial moments following a cyber incident, including:

  • Signs of a breach
  • Emotional impact on business leaders and employees
  • Financial implications of a breach
  • Importance of a defense-in-depth strategy
  • The role of an incident response plan
  • Essential post-breach decisions


Don’t wait for “if”, prepare for “when.” Watch part one of “Anatomy of a Breach” now:

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