AI Tools for Productivity at Work

AI tools for productivity at work

AI tools for productivity at work, such as ChatGPT, Copilot, and other AI software, can do so much more than what you’re probably using them for.

In this episode of Cup of IT, join TechMD Chief Strategy Officer David Bryden in conversation with Sebastian Igreti, as David reveals the innovative ways he’s leveraging AI tools to boost productivity, ranging from contract evaluation to facilitation of team learning and beyond.

Get the inside track on how a tech exec uses his AI toolkit to:

  • Boost efficiency by simplifying research, summarizing articles, and streamlining contract review.
  • Enhance productivity by streamlining the process of summarizing meetings for absent or late attendees.
  • Enhance learning and development by quickly gathering insights and plain-language answers from curated resources to facilitate discussions.
  • Craft clearer messages by creating TLDR (too long, didn’t read) summaries for busy recipients.

Overall, Copilot has emerged as a versatile tool that not only enhances productivity but also fosters learning and collaboration within teams. As technology continues to evolve, conversations like these shed light on innovative solutions that redefine how we work and learn.

Watch the full conversation to discover more about how Copilot is transforming workflows at TechMD and beyond.

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