Email Breach Signals: Top 5 Warning Signs Every Business Should Watch For

Top 5 Warning Signs Every Business Should Watch For

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are two of the most widely used cloud platforms for business, yet cyber criminals continue to break in undetected with relative ease. A large majority of cyberattacks start when someone clicks a link in an email that they shouldn’t, so organizations must stay vigilant for clues that cybercriminals are planning an attack. Today we’re going to share the top five warning signs of an email break-in.  

Warning Sign #1: Admin Changes 

Stay alert for any unusual admin activities in email accounts. These changes are critical, as they could lead to extensive unauthorized access. 


Warning Sign #2: Foreign and Impossible Logins 

Keep an eye on logins from unexpected locations or rapidly successive logins from far-apart places. These can signal possible unauthorized access attempts. 


Warning Sign #3: Failed Login Attempts 

Multiple failed login attempts, especially those leading to account lockouts, are major red flags, potentially pointing to brute-force attack attempts. 


Warning Sign #4: MFA Changes 

Any unauthorized alterations to Multi-Factor Authentication settings are serious security risks and should be immediately flagged. 


Warning Sign #5: Suspicious Email Forwarding 

Watch for new or unusual email forwarding rules, especially those redirecting to external domains. This can signal user impersonation or covert email interception. 


In response to these security concerns, TechMD has developed a lightweight, low-cost solution to effectively monitor for warning signs. If you’re interested in more information about this solution, and how it can serve as a “digital watchguard” for platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, please contact us. We’re eager to share more details with you.

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