ICS Changing Name to TechMD

ICS is now TechMD

ICS, a technology management, and cybersecurity company headquartered in Endicott, NY announced today that they will consolidate their regional Managed Technology brands into one national brand, TechMD. ICS, founded in 1987, was purchased by partners, Kevin Blake and Travis Hayes in 1995. After several recent acquisitions including AKUITY Technologies, Cards Technology, and TechMD, ICS will roll up its IT services into two national brands, TechMD for managed technology services and 1nteger for cybersecurity.  Both brands will manage a national footprint and support small, medium and enterprise companies through regional offices in NY, MA, MD and CA in addition to over 275 remote employees across the US.  Effective immediately, the AKUITY Technologies and Cards Technologies brands will sunset.  The ICS brand will remain the name of the corporate entity but will no longer appear in marketing.

Company leaders indicate the decision to change the brand name to TechMD was made after careful consideration and feedback from clients.  Moving to a national brand and footprint allows the company to enhance its service offerings and provide even better IT services to its clients in the form of faster response time, enhanced communications, expanded after hours support and more robust technical education.  Cybersecurity, provided by sister-brand 1nteger, will remain a priority as well.

At TechMD our goal is to be a future-ready technology company that knows and understands its clients’ needs.
Kevin Blake
Kevin Blake
President & CEO


Kevin Blake, CEO, expresses his passion for this transition, indicating that it is deeply in-tune with the vision he has for serving clients.  “At TechMD our goal is to be a future-ready technology company that knows and understands its clients’ needs.” confirms Blake. “As a tech company, we are very focused on technology fitness and invisible reliability, but a lot of what differentiates us is our personal approach. Our TechMD tagline “IT built around you” reinforces that our clients are at the center of our services.  Our biggest reward comes from helping our clients make a positive impact in the industries and communities they serve.” 

TechMD says that it will spend the majority of the summer consolidating its brand materials and websites.  Starting this week, all of its previously branded websites will redirect to TechMD.com and new clients seeking more information on tech management services will be directed there as well. 

About TechMD

TechMD is a national IT management company located in Endicott, NY.  With over 275 employees nationwide and a cyber security sister-company, 1nteger, Tech MD, provides future-ready tech leadership, long-term technical fitness, and invisibility reliability for its clients.  TechMD’s technical expertise and “IT built around you” personalized care allows its clients to focus their energy on creating positive impact for their companies and the communities they service.  For more information visit TechMD.com.


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