Clean Your Inbox with Outlook Folders

Tired of the headaches caused by a jumbled inbox? Well it’s time to start using folders in Outlook! Let’s see how these categorize messages from any contact and clean up your inbox.

Creating Your First Folder

The folders we’ll be creating are different from Search Folders, which we’ve looked at in earlier episodes because they act as destination points for storing messages. You can make them based on customizable categories like contacts, subject matter, projects and more.

01 Folders

Start by right-clicking on a main folder, like your Inbox, choose “New Folder” and give it a title. This one will contain emails from a team member.

02 New Folder

02 New Folder Created

Now we’ll create a rule to make messages from that contact go into the newly made folder. In the Home Tab, click the “Rules” button and hit “Manage Rules & Alerts”.

03 Manage Rules and Alerts

In the dialog box, choose, “New Rule”.

04 New Rule

Open the “People Or Public Group” link to then select the name of the contact you want.

04 New Rule

04 Choosing Your Contact Name 02

Once that’s done, select our newly created folder as the destination for this rule to work in with the “Specified Folder” link.

05 Specified Folder 01

05 Specified Folder 02

Hit “Next” and then choose “Finish” to finalize everything.

06 Finalizing the Rule

Lastly, hit “Apply”.

07 Apply the Rule

Now, all the messages that come from our chosen sender will automatically migrate to the new subfolder. Try this with a variety of categories to consolidate your messages and remove stress from your experience in Outlook!

08 Finished Folder


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