TechMD is a 5-Star IT Solutions Firm!

Technology is changing at a rapid pace — in fact, it’s become increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up. That’s where TechMD comes in. Our dedicated team of IT experts keeps up with the latest IT trends and technological advances so that we can provide best-in-class technology solutions, proactive support, and individualized customer service.

Specializing in cloud solutions, cybersecurity services, strategic IT consulting, and managed IT services, we promise to simplify your technology and provide the best IT experience. That’s right — we provide the easiest, most streamlined solutions, and we have Clutch to back us up on that.

Clutch is an independent platform that collects objective feedback from clients about each company registered on the site. They perform in-depth interviews with clients about the quality of their interaction with each Clutch-registered company, allowing the clients themselves to dictate who the top firms on the platform are. For that reason, we’re particularly proud to be named among Clutch’s top 5 cloud consulting service providers in LA!

We succeed when our clients succeed, and there’s nothing we appreciate more than hearing our client’s success stories. Just recently, we received a 5-star review from PROMOFILL, a third-party logistics company that focuses on e-commerce, fulfillment, and multi-chain distribution. 

Lacking networking and connectivity knowledge, PROMOFILL turned to us. They’d been storing their data locally, and we provided a cloud-based solution to protect their data and ensure that they stayed online so they could effectively serve their clients every day. We continue to service their network and provide tech support as needed.

“In an IT world, where hardware, software, and security are constantly changing, we always feel like our point person is ahead of the game. Behind the scenes, they’ve got a whole team of people working on our projects and daily needs, whether it’s individual machine ticket issues or ISP connection issues and escalation points.” — Founder & CEO, PROMOFILL

PROMOFILL has been very pleased by our ability to solve any tech or network issues quickly and efficiently. For instance, when they had ISP (Internet Service Provider) problems on Cyber Monday, we immediately jumped into action and moved them over to their backup so that they didn’t miss any sales opportunities on such a critical day in the industry.  

“If we had to make the same decision 10 times over, I don’t see another player in the industry meeting our needs the way that TechMD does.”

PROMOFILL commends our responsive, proactive, forward-thinking team. They see us as an extension of their company, and we’re honored to uphold that!

We’ve collected a number of other glowing reviews on Clutch that highlight our diverse clientele and wide-ranging IT capabilities. Clutch’s sister sites also rank us quite favorably; The Manifest, a B2B platform and approachable business guide, says we’re a top IT company in LA. Meanwhile, Visual Objects, a portfolio website geared toward brand reputations, not only puts us on the list of the best IT service companies, but ranks us at #1!

Here at TechMD, we have the IT solution for your business — so contact us today!


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