Communicate Better with Microsoft Stream

How to Get Started with Microsoft Stream

Internal communications can be a headache—we’ve all received emails that were longer than they needed to be, and many of us have probably sent long emails that never got read. But there’s a better way: start sending short videos instead of long emails with a tool like Microsoft Stream. 

If you’re not already familiar, Microsoft Stream is a video app in Microsoft 365 that empowers users to create, manage, and share videos securely just as they would any other file. Stream makes it incredibly easy to record and share a short video with other team members, which saves time and headaches for everyone. 

Here are three ideas for effectively leveraging Microsoft Stream in your organization: 

1) New Employee Onboardings 

Rather than set up a series of time-consuming meetings whenever you hire a new team member, consider developing a suite of pre-recorded videos that can guide new hires through what they’ll need to know about your organization’s culture, processes, and day-to-day operations. This saves a ton of time and effort. 

2) Internal Training 

Training procedures, answers to common questions, and internal classes or meetings can be recorded and uploaded to Microsoft Stream for your team to reference later. This allows you to avoid scheduling redundant meetings to cover critical info when people in new roles need to get up to speed on how the company operates. 

3) Personalized Messages from the C-Suite 

Important communications from your executive team are more personable and high-impact when they come in the form of video recordings. Do away with long emails about the future of the company and get your CEO in front of the camera instead! This improves the quality of your communications and boosts employee morale. 

Stream videos are stored natively in SharePoint, which allows you to organize your content and provides you with all the access control features that apply to other files in Microsoft 365—you can manage who can view certain videos, set expiration dates on share links, and decide how widely you want to share content. 

To learn more about Stream, you can check out our One-Minute Wednesday episode on how to get started with Microsoft Stream. 


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