Does Your IT Make the Grade? Find Out What Your Team Thinks

A well-aligned IT strategy is a powerful catalyst for organizational success, driving productivity, innovation, and employee morale. However, many businesses struggle to assess whether their IT infrastructure is optimally aligned with overall strategy. In the latest TechPulse episode, Jason Gimeno shares how to evaluate whether your company’s IT strategy and infrastructure empowers or impedes your staff.  

Why is it important for businesses to evaluate IT strategy? 

With technology evolving rapidly, IT strategy must be aligned with business goals and objectives. Misaligned IT strategy and outdated IT infrastructure aren’t just matters of lost efficiency—they also erode morale, ultimately jeopardizing employee retention.

5 key questions to assess your business’ IT effectiveness  

To determine whether your IT strategy is making the grade, you need to know the right questions to ask. From aligning IT goals with business objectives to assessing agility, scalability, and cybersecurity measures, there are several essential aspects that businesses must explore. 

  1. Are the goals of your IT team aligned with your business objectives? IT isn’t just about keeping the network and devices running. Your IT team should proactively explore how technology can work in tandem to underpin achievement of your organization’s quarterly and annual goals. For example, if your annual goal is to increase sales by 20%, IT could plan to implement a new customer relationship management system that would improve sales tracking and lead generation. Continuous alignment of IT and organizational goals helps turn technology into a true force multiplier for your organization.  
  2. Have you asked your team their honest thoughts on your tech? A well-crafted survey, sent to the entire staff, can offer you the insights you need, straight from the source. 
  3. Is your IT team agile and effective? Examine how quickly and efficiently your team manages change and deploys new apps. Have recent IT upgrades and migrations been timely and within budget? IT projects are tough, so perfection isn’t the benchmark, but it’s important to honestly assess your team’s agility to ensure they’re truly responsive and adaptable.  
  4. Can your technology easily grow, or maybe even shrink, alongside you? Typically, cloud-based solutions offer more flexibility than traditional on-premises systems. Engage in frank discussions with your IT team, and consider running tabletop exercises to visualize how rapid growth or unfortunate downsizing might affect your current IT infrastructure performance and cost.  
  5. Do you have a robust cybersecurity program in place? Few things can derail productivity and morale like a security breach. Cybersecurity isn’t just about a single assessment or tool; it’s an ongoing effort that ensures that your staff is trained, the right policies and procedures are in place, and that your systems are always updated and monitored against cyber-attacks. 

Hit the ground running with TechMD’s free employee survey template.

Evaluating how your IT strategy aligns with organizational goals and objectives is paramount to driving growth in today’s digital era. TechMD is pleased to offer a free employee survey template to help you hit the ground running and gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure.  

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